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Digital Radiography
Green Valley Dentalcare is proud to offer digital x-rays to their patients. Digital x-rays produce 90 percent less radiation than traditional x-rays, And, unlike x-ray films that had to be developed in a darkroom, digital x-rays are made with a small electronic sensor that takes pictures of teeth. These pictures can be enlarged without distortion, helping to make the diagnosis of your dental problems easier and more certain. The pictures can also be transmitted instantly onto a video monitor next to your treatment chair, so that you can see exactly what the dentist is describing.

Intra oral camera:

Green Valley Dentalcare proud to offer the high-tech usage of the inta-oral camera system. This offers us the ablility to see and treat areas that are not visible on the digital x-rays. Also with this, it lets us show you the areas of your mouth that you would normally be unable to.   At your first appointment we will take 10 images with the intra-oral camera and will have them ready for immediate viewing, literally putting a face to the name!

Integrated computers:

Green Valley Dentalcare using computers to streamline all of our procedures and integrate our state-of-the-art dental technologies.  This enables us to have an electronic chart that tracks your history, diagnosis, and treatment, and it provides many other features that make your time with us the best that it can be. Our commitment to your dental health demands nothing less.

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